About Our Fine Art Photography Business

How we set about creating your images.

To ensure your confidentiality we endeavour to do as much as possible in-house; we will explain what we do and how we do it on this page.

Image Processing and Development:

To ensure your confidentiality we take care of all post image development and retouching in-house.

A lot of people appear to think that professional photographers just take an image and then print it straight from the camera or memory card, like they do in the high street.

Yes it would be a lot simpler and less time consuming if we did that, but like most professionals we go the extra mile to ensure that the images that we present to you are as good as we can make them. The average image processing is one hour per image, so to present you with 12 images requires about 12 hours of work and the the time it takes to print and mount the images.

The reality is quite simply that the price we charge you includes a fee to offset some of the time we spend on post production and printing of the images. We are happy to give you the best service we can provide at a reasonable price, we would not be happy to give you a low quality service at a budget price.

A short video showing how we process an image

The changes are subtle but all add up to the overall effect, it is better to watch it in full screen.

Image Printing:

We utilise an Epson stylus pro 9880 large format printer with original archival Epson K3 inks that can handle rolls of media up to 44 inches wide, by whatever length of print we require.

We utilise Breathing Colors media which produces vivid long lasting colours on their resin coated media which is used to produce our:

  • A4 and A3 Calendars
  • Fine art and maternity packages (apart form the large framed image)
  • Personal portfolios
  • Small framed images

We utilise Breathing Colors archival 320gsm Pura Bagasse Smooth fine art paper, for our fine art large format prints.

The base paper is made by Hahnemühle - "Bagasse" is the pulp produced from a by product of raw sugar production, this pulp is mixed with cotton waste to make this paper's base. Breathing Color then apply their renowned inkjet coating and we apply the print to that.

We do not believe in cutting corners to reduce expense, we have tried cheaper products and did not like the reduction in the quality of the finished product.

image of our Epson 9880 printer.
If you would like to arrange to come for a free pre-shoot consultation where we can discuss your personal requirements, then please give us a ring, message us or use the contact form and we will look forward to putting the kettle on and meeting you.

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