Models Private TFP Galleries.

This page is for models who have worked with us on a TFP (time for print) basis, so they can download their internet ready images and choose the ones they would like us to print for them in exchange for their modelling time and skills.


Please click the login link and log in with the details we sent to you, you will then be presented with two new links in the left hand column - photoshoot and download.
The download marked one will allow you to download your 900px watermarked internet ready images.
The photoshoot link is the one to choose the ones you want us to print for you, when you choose one, you will see another folder appear with My Choices on it, when you have selected the ones you want printing up to the amount agreed at your shoot, you then need to submit that list to us before you leave the page, otherwise your choices will disappear when you return to this page.

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