Photography Experience Photoshoot

for novice photographers who would welcome the opportunity to experience first hand how to create a wall image of their partner.

This is a fully assisted studio photoshoot which is aimed at people who would like to experience photography and create some stunning images of their partner but have no experience with a camera or studio. We set things up for you and you take the shots. We will then process one image of your choice and print and frame it for you to go home with.

Photography experience photoshoot:

We will show you how to set up and take a picture and use studio lighting to light it in a creative way - you just need to give us an idea of what you wish to create and we will assist you to set up and take the images.

If you do not understand photography but would love to have a framed picture on the wall that you have taken, then this photoshoot is for you. We will not baffle you with science or expect you to understand photography or studio flash lighting, yes we explain what we are doing so that you gain a measure of understanding of the images we will be creating with you, but you will go home with a fabulous framed photograph of your partner that you have taken.

Studio lighting starts with a single light source and builds up from the main light, this is how you will learn on a part-assisted, part-tuition photoshoot. We will work through the different lighting modifiers on a single light so that you can see how the composition and quality of light changes; you will then be given some assistance to ensure you have some good shoots, you will also have a short time to experiment on your own. We will then add lights to the setup according to the style of shoot you have chosen.

You can choose one of the following studio sessions:

  • Portrait lighting - creating lighting for portraits.
  • High key lighting - creating fashion type images that are flooded with light.
  • Low key lighting - creating light and shade for dramatic and fine art figure images

Studio Experience Package

We provide all of the photography equipment you require as well as our expertise so you can go home with a beautiful framed image of your partner, that you have taken, to put on your wall.
This package consists of the following:

  • Free pre shoot consultation
  • Makeup as required
  • 4 hour session
  • 1 image to be fully processed and printed
  • 1 black 20" x 16" frame with your image mounted in it
  • All the images from the shoot burnt onto a CD

image of a finished framed 20 inch by 16 inch picture
If you would like to arrange to come for a free pre-shoot consultation where we can discuss your personal requirements and you can bring any image styles you would like to have a go at creating, then please give us a ring or use the contact form and we will look forward to putting the kettle on and meeting you.

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